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Todd's Process

Before you get in your car to drive, you decide where you want to go. The same principle applies to your financial journey. Together we will take your goals and customize a strategy to get you there.

Start With the End in Mind

To start we will discuss your current financial situation including your goals and priorities. Together we will take the mystery out of your financial future and guide you to the financial future you've been striving for.

Own What You Want

Now that we know where you want to end up, we shift our focus to creating financial strategies that allow you to get to your preferred destination – while reducing risks, taxes, and costs. In our conversation, strategies override financial products.

Goals Become Reality

As we strive towards creating your desired financial future, we will work to make sure that the strategy works under all circumstances. A great long term strategy isn’t ‘set it and forget it’, we review your financial picture annually ensuring we continue to move towards your goals.

First Financial Group

First Financial Group

Founded in Towson, MD 40 years ago, First Financial Group, became one of the largest independently-owned financial services firms in the Mid-Atlantic area. As of 2020, the combined firm had $4 billion in assets under management, $16 billion in life and disability insurance in force, 4,500 business clients, and 36,000 total clients, with offices in four states and a workforce of 50 full time staff.


Our Team

Todd Thomas

Financial Advisor


I often will tell people that I have had two careers in the financial professional world.My first three years, which was just transactional in nature, and trying to sell as many products as I could. And then since 2004 doing what I...
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Raegan Schultz

Financial Assistant


Behind every good financial professional is a good assistant and for Todd, that assistant is Raegan Schultz. Raegan started working with Todd in September of 2012 when her daughter started Kindergarten. With her in school and a toddler...

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