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Todd  Thomas

Todd Thomas

Financial Advisor

I often will tell people that I have had two careers in the financial professional world.

My first three years, which was just transactional in nature, and trying to sell as many products as I could. And then since 2004 doing what I love! I was very fortunate after I graduated from Wartburg College in 2003 to hit the ground running with Financial Architects.

Starting in 2004 I was blessed with a great mentor who had taught me early on it is not about a product. He would say often “if there was a magical financial product out there that made everyone wealthy, we would all own it!”

It did not take me long to fall in love with the powerful financial principles we were teaching on money decisions. I soon began asking everyone I encountered “If what you thought to be true turned out not to be, how soon would you want to know?”

My passion lies in helping people not fall into the pitfalls of ‘Traditional Financial Services’! I love working with young professionals and business owners, not only in Iowa but all throughout the country.

In my personal time, I enjoy being with my wife Candice and typically watching my two kids, Joe and Avery, in their activities.

I grew up a son of a coach, so many times you might catch me helping coach their activities, as it is in my blood.

If I have any free time (when the weather permits) you would probably find me on a golf course.